Vitamin D3 + K2 Tincture

30 Serving Tincture
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Why NativePath Vitamin D3 + K2?

Our Vitamin D supplement takes two essential vitamins—D3 and K2—and bottles them into a tincture with Organic MCT Oil to support bone, cardiovascular, and immune health while balancing mood and elevating energy.**


This three-in-one formula packs a healthy punch. Experience our Vitamin D supplement, paired with vitamin K2 and organic MCT oil.

  • 125% Daily Value Vitamin D3: Helps to support bone and muscle health, blood circulation, calcium absorption, mood, and more.**
  • 167% Daily Value Vitamin K2: By adding vitamin K2 to the mix, bone mineral density increases significantly, while glucose levels decrease.**
  • Organic MCT Oil: For better, faster absorption and utilization by the body.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Jack Wisner (Huntsville, AL, US)
Best Ever

Brought my wife's vitamin D level up double I am back to a normal level

Melinda (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Hand Pain

I tried this product because I work a ton of hours typing on a computer daily and I suffered from pain in my hands and wrists. Since I've been taking this product, the pain is so much less and sometimes reduced to none at all. I really like this product and plan to keep the same in my aging arsenal, thank you NativePath.

Suzanne Hall (Woodland, CA, US)
I love this tincture

It is so easy to take this vitamin and the taste is fine.

Jane Hines (Crockett, TX, US)
Best Vitamin D3 ever

Easy to take. Made me feel better very quickly. I no longer have the winter blahs.

Edward Murray, Sr. (Metairie, LA, US)
First time user

Have been using the free sample that was sent with my last collagen order for only several weeks and have noticed a small improvement in my health but will have to order more to be able to give a more accurate review.