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NativeBody Reset Workout #9

Welcome to workout #9 of 30 for the NativeBody Reset!

This workout is led by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Chad Walding.

The following series is called Flat Belly Flow...

Think of these exercises as the foundation of your body maintenance hygiene, known to:

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Strengthen your core
  • Enhance your muscle tone

Need a 30-Day Reset? Click here.


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  • Beatriz Nobles

    Dear Chad,
    I’m on day 24 of the Reset but on day 9 of your exercise program.
    Before I started your Reset, about 2 years before, I got macular degeneration and I found in the
    internet a program with Dr Rozakis of supplements (and blood tests every six months.)
    I intend to change to the NativePath supplements after my next blood test.
    It is nice to see the improvement in the results of blood tests, I’m having the next one after 45 days in the 30day NativePath Reset.
    I would like to compare your krill supplement to the one I’m currently taking: Nordic Naturals ProOmega CRP (has curcumin and L-Glutathione) and I’m taking 3 caps 1800 mg of Omega3s per day.
    I believe krill is a better source and a reason to take less, right?
    Thanks for your work and dedication to our welfare.
    And, you are adorable!
    Beatriz Nobles
    NativePath replied:
    Hi Beatriz, I’m happy to hear you’re doing the Reset! As for your question about krill, you are correct in saying that it’s a healthier source and that you need a lesser dosage compared to fish oil. Our krill oil is sourced from the deep, ice-cold water of the Antarctic Ocean, which makes it much more pure than other krill oils and fish oils on the market. To learn more, I recommend checking out this blog that compares these two supplements: https://www.nativepath.com/blogs/krill-oil/krill-oil-vs-fish-oil