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Best Ways to Take Collagen

If you’re not sure the best way to take your collagen supplement, look no further! This article discusses how to take your supplement and when you will see results.

If you’re reading this, you probably know the vital role collagen plays in your body. You also probably know that as we age, our natural collagen supply starts to diminish, and supplementing with a high-quality collagen supplement can be extremely helpful for many aspects of your health.

Some of the key benefits of supplementing with collagen include:

  • Improve joint health, reduce joint pain by restoring collagen levels in ligaments
  • Improve bone health and strength 
  • Increase fullness and youthfulness in your skin (hello cheekbones of your 20s!)
  • Reduce loose skin and appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots

Now that you know what supplementing with a high-quality collagen supplement can do for you – what exactly is a collagen supplement made of and how do you take it? This article will uncover the best ways to take your collagen supplement and how soon you can start seeing results. 

Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements can come in various forms, including powder, capsule, or tablet. For this article, we will discuss powder collagen supplements. This means you need to mix the powder into some form of liquid or soft food to consume.

The best collagen supplements are made with hydrolyzed collagen, meaning the collagen is broken down into the smallest form on a molecular level. Hydrolyzed collagen is much easier to mix and dissolve because it’s already broken down into very small peptides. Because let’s face it, no one wants to spend ten minutes mixing a supplement, making a mess on the counter, or tasting gritty granules in your beverage. 

Best Ways to Take Collagen

Collagen supplements tend to have no specific taste, but mixing in plain water can create a flavor that isn’t especially tasty. Fruit juices have a lot of sugar in them (even ‘no sugar added’ brands) making it a less ideal option too. 

So what should you mix your collagen supplement in? We thought you’d never ask.

A few favorites for beverages include organic coffee, tea, or smoothies. Hot beverages help collagen dissolve the quickest, but cold brew or frozen smoothies are yummy options too. And since hydrolyzed collagen mixes so well, you don’t need a fancy frother, mixer, or Ninja to dissolve your collagen into your coffee or tea. A spoon and a few stirs will do the trick!

A quality collagen powder can mix in with nearly anything, meaning don’t limit yourself to only beverages to take your supplement. Soft foods and soups are great options too. 

In the morning you can mix it in with your Native Nola or a tasty chia seed pudding.

For lunch or dinner, you can add a scoop to a savory soup or broth. Just wait until after you’ve cooked the soup or made the broth to add the collagen. Think of it as a final ingredient with tons of health benefits. 

There’s no magic time of day to take your collagen, just as long as you remember to take it. However, picking the same time(s) each day can help you more easily remember and this is why many people choose to take their supplement at the same time every day. 

If you need more recipe inspiration, head over to our recipes page which has tasty collagen-rich recipes to use with your supplement or on their own. 

How Much Collagen Should I Take?

Our collagen supplement comes with a 10 gram, or 10g, scoop for ease of use (and counting!). In order to get the best results, taking 20-40g of collagen per day is generally recommended, or 2-4 scoops. 

10g is the perfect amount for a cup of coffee or tea without making it too thick, but you can definitely add more if you find you don’t mind it. 

Smoothies are a great way to take more collagen at one time. You can add closer to 20-30g as smoothies have a thicker consistency anyway so you won’t notice the collagen in there. 

It’s all about personal preference. If you rather take it all in one sitting so you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day, that’s fine! You can take it all in the morning with your coffee, tea, or smoothie. Or you can add a scoop to your drinks or soups throughout the day. Create your own collagen adventure. 

When Do You See Results From Collagen?

Once you’ve started your collagen supplement, you might ask yourself (or Google) when you will see results. Many people start to see results within two to three weeks which is really encouraging! But you don’t want to stop taking your collagen after you start to see your initial results. 

You want to build up a healthy level of collagen stores to ensure adequate support to your joints, bones, and skin. This usually happens after three months of supplementing and is when you will truly see the full impact of your supplement. 

How to Choose the Best Collagen Supplement

When choosing your collagen supplement you want to make sure you are picking a quality product. Not all supplements are made equal! You want to find one that is made from hydrolyzed collagen to help with easy mixing. Think of hydrolyzed collagen as the smallest form it can be in so it’s ready to mix and easy to digest. This allows your body to see benefits more quickly than a supplement that your body has to break down after consuming.  

You also want a supplement that uses grass-fed sources. Collagen usually comes from cows and by only using Certified Grass-Fed sources, this ensures your collagen source has never been exposed to harmful pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. 

Collagen supplements can include a variety of collagen fibers (or types). There are nearly 30 different types of collagen fibers found in your body so there is a lot to choose from when making a supplement. But more isn’t always better. Studies have shown if you put too many different types of collagen in a supplement, your body is less able to absorb and utilize the collagen.

Type I is the most prevalent collagen fiber and Type III is another fiber found in many tissues, muscles, and blood vessels. Both of these fiber types have been proven to be well absorbed and highly effective when taken as a supplement. You want to find a supplement with these two important fibers and one that leaves the rest out. 

NativePath Collagen is Made With You in Mind

Our collagen supplement combines all of the key factors when creating a superior product. NativePath uses hydrolyzed Type I and III collagen fibers from Certified Grass-Fed sources. 

This makes our collagen supplement easy to mix and take daily without clumping, grittiness, or excessive use of electric mixers. It also means your body doesn’t have to work to break it down further before reaping the benefits. 

By only using the most effective fiber types (I & III) you get the most benefit for your supplement. And by using grass-fed sources, our collagen is safe and extremely effective. 

Whether you mix it in your organic chai tea latte or simply throw a scoop in with your morning smoothie – our collagen supplement is made with you and your health in mind. Click here to order the last collagen supplement you’ll ever need today!

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  • Jennifer Yellowhammer

    Hello I just received my NativePath Collagen today, I am very confused because I see your brand sells different types of Collagen. I’m not sure how much I should take daily and what kinds, please guide me I’d really appreciate it!! Thank you very much!!
    NativePath replied:
    Hi Jennifer! Think of Bone Health Collagen and our Original Collagen Peptides as two totally different products…Original Collagen Peptides are for whole-body health—it goes to the places where your natural collagen has been depleting over the years: your skin, hair, nails, teeth, bones, joints, and more. Bone Health Collagen is targeted specifically to bone health. So if bone health is your main concern (i.e. you’re wanting to heal from a fracture or reverse osteopenia or osteoporosis), we recommend supplementing with both Original Collagen Peptides and Bone Health Collagen. Here is a great guide to help you determine the right amount to take for your own individual needs: https://www.nativepath.com/blogs/collagen/this-is-how-much-collagen-you-need-each-day?pos=1&_sid=1b1091e4b&ss=r Have a great day!