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11 Benefits of Oregano Oil: Your Must-Have Antibacterial Herb

Are you tired of popping pills to fight infections? Can’t seem to kick that lingering cold? Worried that constant use of over the counter medications and antibiotics is destroying your gut health?

Turns out, there is a simple, natural cure—an overlooked herb that might already be in your kitchen cupboard. Oregano oil is an ancient herbal remedy with numerous health properties, but many of us only use oregano in cooking.

I was the same way—until oregano oil kicked the worst infection I have ever had—an infection that even antibiotics couldn’t fight. After extensive research, I learned the power of this humble herb in fighting viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Today, oregano oil is my go-to herbal remedy when I feel the onset of the cold or flu.

Antibacterial Properties of Oregano Oil

If you read our origin story, you know that I have been on a journey to restore my health over the past several years.  

At the lowest point in my health crisis, I was bedridden for a month and a half, covered in rashes. and extremely ill with an infection that consisted of pus-filled pockets in my throat and mouth.

Doctors gave me antibiotic after antibiotic, searching for something that could fight this infection. The symptoms improved a bit with drugs, but within a couple of days of finishing the medication, the infection would return in full force.

This occurred four times in a month and a half. I was desperate to find a solution that was long-lasting, natural, and wouldn’t require constantly refilling prescriptions from my doctor.

A few days after my fourth round of antibiotics, I forced myself to get in the car and drive to Whole Foods for a few groceries. I barely had enough energy to leave the house, but I’m so glad I did. That grocery store run marked the beginning of a pivotal shift in my health.

I was standing in the checkout line when an article in the Well Being Journal, a well-researched journal on health topics, caught my eye. The article was titled, “Natural Solutions to Drug-Resistant Infections.”  

I couldn’t believe it! This was exactly what I needed! The article listed herbal substances that had powerful antimicrobial properties, including oregano oil. The article mentioned a book written by Dr. Cass Ingram called The Cure is in the Cupboard: How to Use Oregano for Better Health, a book explaining the healing properties of oregano and how to use it.  

I had my husband get the book at the library, and I began reading. I purchased oregano oil and began taking it immediately. Sure enough, my mouth and throat infection went away and did not return. Shortly after taking the oregano oil, rashes on my skin (that had been there for over a year) began to disappear. It was the first step in a long journey to regaining my health, and I was thrilled with the results.

Now, I keep oregano oil on hand at all times. I’ve learned it’s a wonderful natural antimicrobial herb and is great to have in the cupboard for an unexpected cold or a variety of other ailments. Since learning about oregano oil and implementing its use in our home, I have not had to take an antibiotic in over five years!

11 Healing Benefits of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is an incredibly powerful antimicrobial and healing substance. It has been used therapeutically for centuries dating back to 3,000 B.C. [1] Recently, this humble essential oil remedy has received a lot of scientific and medical attention. In fact, a recent Georgetown University Medical Center study showed that oregano oil can reduce infection just as effectively as antibiotics.[2]

Additionally, oregano oil is extremely effective against a wide range of microbes including fungi, viruses, and parasites. Research has also shown medical-grade oregano can destroy antibiotic-resistant super-germs, as was evident in my personal experience and healing. [3]

Oregano oil is also used for a myriad of other medical conditions, including colds, lung conditions (such as asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinusitis), arthritis, ear infections, and diarrhea—just to name a few. In his book, Dr. Ingram includes an A-Z guide of medical uses for oregano oil. He also includes detailed protocols on how to take the oil for particular conditions, which I found particularly helpful.

Research has shown that oregano oil has the following medicinal and healing properties:

  1. Antifungal [4]  
  2. Antibacterial [5],[6]
  3. Antiviral [7]
  4. Antiparasitic [8]
  5. Anti-inflammatory [9],[10]
  6. Antioxidant [11]
  7. Antivenom (neutralizes the venom of spiders, bees, ants, snakes, etc.) [12]
  8. Anesthetic [13]
  9. Anticancer (has properties that fight cancer) [14]  
  10. Antidiabetic (helps control the amount of glucose in the blood) [15]
  11. Digestive (improves gut health) [16]

How to Use Oregano and Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil for Colds and Flu:

At the first sign of a cold or flu, I take a few drops of oregano oil internally every few hours and am typically able to ease my symptoms before the illness turns into anything more troublesome. To take oregano oil internally, pour a few drops into your water glass at mealtime.

Oregano Oil for Preventing Food Poisoning:

I take a few drops with meals when I travel as a preventative measure against food poisoning. This is especially helpful when traveling to foreign countries.  

Oregano Oil for Fighting Fungal and Viral Infections:

With its strong antifungal and antiviral properties, oregano oil can be used topically to fight fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot) or viruses (such as warts). [17] To safely apply oregano oil to your skin, dilute the oregano oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil.

Oregano Oil for Joint Relief:

To relieve joint and muscle pain, dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, and rub into sore muscles or joints.

Oregano Oil in Cooking:

I also use oregano as a spice in our home, especially in soups or broths when we are feeling under the weather. Check out my recipes for Italian Herb and Latin Spice blends for an easy and delicious way to add additional nutrients to your cooking!

My Favorite Brand of Oregano Oil

Before you jump in your car to grab oregano oil from the grocery store, please note that this type of oregano oil is different from the oregano typically found in the spice section or garden (although those are wonderful additions to your pantry or vegetable garden). Therapeutic grade or medicinal oregano is grown in various locations around the world, but the best quality oregano oil comes from the Mediterranean.

My favorite brand of oregano oil to recommend is Super Strength Oreganol P73, a blend of edible wild oregano oils produced by North American Herb and Spice. Remember, not just any oregano oil has the therapeutic benefits I’m talking about. The quality and preparation of oil are important. North American Herb and Spice creates oregano oil that is organic, grown in the Mediterranean mountains, hand-picked, steam-distilled over mountain spring water, and completely free of any chemicals, fillers, or solvents.

You can purchase Super Strength Oreganol P73 through the company’s website, online at Amazon, or at natural grocery stores or natural pharmacies. I found it locally at Natural Grocers in Austin, TX. There may be other brands out there that have quality, therapeutic-grade oregano oil, but I can personally attest to the potency and effectiveness of this brand.

Oregano Oil in Daily Practice

As with any new treatments, please consult your doctor before beginning to take oregano oil regularly. Pregnant women should avoid oregano oil, although dried oregano is safe to eat in cooking.

It is always important to listen to your own body and know what works best for you. That’s why I recommend that you add oregano into your daily practice slowly. Oregano is a powerful herb—and oregano oil might be exactly what your body needs to heal itself.

So it’s your turn—have you tried oregano oil yet? We’d love to hear how it’s going for you—let us know in the comments below!

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