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How Western Medicine Has Failed Us: The Mission Behind NativePath

Many people ask when they meet me, "Dr. Chad, what is NativePath all about?" 

Shocking to most, the story of NativePath actually begins with my personal experience with struggle... and some of the things I've seen as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

I'll never forget what I saw in my first internship.

I was working at a famous hospital in Houston, TX - a hospital that just so happened to be world-renowned for its treatment in heart disease.

On the very first floor of this hospital was the world's most famous fast-food restaurant. 

I remember patients asking me to take them down thereafter heart surgery.  

When I took those patients down there I remember seeing lots of white coats. 

The line was always long and the seats were always filled with doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners.  

I remember my intuition telling me that something about this just wasn't right. 

Conventional health wisdom tells us that fast food is not good for us yet there I was, witnessing swarms of healthcare professionals who paid no mind to this conflict whatsoever.

This one of the first indications in my career where I realized that conventional Western Medicine was flawed.

When I finished Physical Therapy school, I moved to Austin, TX with my wife Brenda (who's also a Doctor of Physical Therapy).  

We both began working in outpatient clinics and that's where I got to understand pain on a deeper level.  

I noticed that many of my patients (prior to working with me) were caught up in the cycle of treating their symptoms rather than addressing the root causes of their pain.  

It was so rewarding to me and my patients when together, we were able to get them out of pain (and off of pain meds) with many of the techniques I learned in Physical Therapy School.  

After working in the outpatient clinic, I spent another 4 years doing Home Health Physical Therapy. During this time, I'd go into my patients homes and was able to get to know them on a deeper and more intimate level.  

I treated patients of all ages, most of whom we're battling the common health challenges that many of us face... Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune issues, and obesity.  

That experience taught me a lot. It taught me about compassion for another human being and I remember an even bigger desire to help being born inside me.  

So I began asking more questions...


Why do we struggle?  

Why are so many people faced with these health challenges?  

Why do we hurt and why is it so hard to change?

You see, my patients were not the only ones struggling.  

I myself grew up with a deep depression; in fact, there are almost no pictures of me smiling as a child.  

This continued throughout my adolescence, into high school, and well into my adult life.  I had also been dealing with a chronic skin condition for 7 years and no matter how many pills and lotions I put on my skin it never went away - It seemed to only get worse.

My wife Brenda had her own health challenges.  

Very soon after we married her legs broke out in rashes, she began losing weight, her hair started to fall out. As years passed, she found a lump in her breast and the test discovered she had cancer.  

These experiences were scary.  

We weren't sure what to do and in my wife's case we wondered how long we'd be together.  

The good news is that after I asked those questions about why we struggle... 

I began finding answers.  

I turned to history and immersed myself in learning about the health our Native Ancestors.

One of the most remarkable things I learned very quickly was the fact that they were virtually free of many of the chronic diseases we have today.  

They didn't have epidemic rates of obesity, heart disease wasn't really a thing until the 20th century, there was little to no cancer, they seemed to move well, stay lean, and live a long healthy life without losing their memory.

This got me even more fascinated with ancestral health!  

We learned about what they ate, (and what they didn't eat), how they moved, how they lived in community, how they slept, how they relate to themselves, each other and the planet.  

I became so fascinated by this I even went down to the Amazon and lived with indigenous people in the deep jungle to get hands-on with people who lived so closely with nature. 

I wanted to immerse myself in the roots of our native path and discover something I knew our modern culture was missing.

As my wife and I became more educated, we took this ancestral wisdom and blended it with modern science.  

We slowly started making simple changes in the way we ate, the way we moved, how we lived our lives... 

We formed a community... 

We got clear on our intentions... 

And you know what?

We became healthy.  

My rashes went away and for the first time, I genuinely smiled. 

Brenda's health issues went away and the fear of her illness returning vanquished. 

That's when we realized we had discovered something that's been forgotten in our modern culture... What we found was our own NativePath.

People could see the changes happening to us so they began asking what we're doing.  

So I started giving lectures at local gyms and doing workshops around town.  

More and more people began showing up eager to hear what I had to say.  

They'd go home and put things into action and I began to notice everyone around us transforming their health and their lives for the better.

As word got out, I was introduced to people who wanted to do big things and make the world a better place.  

One of those people was a man named Chris.  

When I first met Chris he was very inflamed and overweight with red checks and he too asked me what he could do.  

So I told him about The NativePath.  

He decided to begin his journey and 6 months later he arranged a visit with me. 

When I saw him after 6 months, he looked like a different person.  

He was lean, strong, healthy, and had a ton of energy. It was so amazing to see that change in him!

But when I met up Chris again that day, he had a special invitation for me.  

You see... at that time I was still working as a Home Health Physical Therapist, and doing local workshops. I was only reaching a few hundred people.  

Chris was an expert in spreading messages in the online world and reaching millions of people.  

So he asked me...

"Do you want to keep doing what you're doing... only helping a few hundred people... or do you want to do something that will help heal people struggling all over the world?"

To be honest when he asked me that I got a little scared.

There was a part of me that wanted to hide, that was afraid of change, that didn't think I was worthy of doing something great.  

But Chris kept nudging me, begging me, even telling me...

"Are you going to keep hiding... or you do you want to do come out of your cave and do something bigger with your life?

So finally... I said "yes."

I made a scary decision to leave my safe and secure physical therapy job and took a chance at something.

We started a blog.  

I began posting on Facebook about The NativePath and we soon formed our own 30 Day Program where I taught everything I'd learned and people could begin their own journey.

We formed a private online community so myself and my team could coach our members, a place where they'd feel supported, and they could share with each other... and we began running people through this program.

And after the first 30 days the first round of people who went through the program started sharing their results with us.

I began getting these emails everyday from people with unbelievable before and after pics, they shared their stories about how they got off medications, how they lost the weight they never thought they could lose, how they found that zest and joy that had been missing, how their belly's no longer had that bloated feeling, how their memory was improving, how they were taking vacations again... and wow... I could go on.

But it just convinced me that I myself was on the right path. This was helping people in BIG way!

It was and continues to be the most fulfilling part of my life.

Then slowly but surely we started growing.  

People who went through the NativePath program started telling their friends, who then told their friends, who then told their friends... 

We've now reached over 10 million people with our information and hundreds of thousands have successfully completed our 30-Day Program that we now call The NativeBody Reset.  What can you accomplish in just 30 days?

Transformation using 30 Day Keto Fix


Transformation Using 30 Day Keto Fix
30 Day Keto Fix Transformation

And... we've found even more ways we can support people through our whole food supplements that meet the highest quality standards. 

We keep growing with dreams of helping even more people.

Our Big Dream is that one day that same hospital I first worked at as an intern will be turned into an apartment complex.... Because these modern diseases of civilization will be a thing of the past.  

But as big as that dream is, I know it's a step by step process.  

Transforming the collective world only happens if we can help transform you.

So, you might be suffering... 

You might be struggling... 

Maybe you are not feeling good about your weight, or how you look, or maybe your energy is low, or maybe you're just not happy with your life.  

You know you're in a funk and you know you want to change - but if you're anything like I once was, maybe you just don't know how... 

I get it, with so much misinformation out there it's hard to know if you're making the right decision. I mean there was Atkins, Weight Watchers, The Vegetarian Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Blood Type Diet...

The path toward reaching a better body and health can be overwhelming and incredibly confusing.  

The truth is that there is no one size fits all approach to unlocking your best you yet.  

This is the big thing we've discovered with the NativePath.  

Everyone is so unique - from their ancestry to their genetics to certain environment and lifestyle factors... No two paths are identical. 

That's why it's so important that you find the path that's right for you.

YOUR NativePath.

That is exactly why we are inviting everyone to experience a new standard of living life in the most vibrant state possible through our NativeBody Reset program.

The NativeBody Reset sheds light on what the modern healthcare culture has been missing... A truly individualized system for optimizing the way we eat, move and think. 

The biggest take away I've learned through my personal journey is that we all have a different "human condition". 

We are all of different age, gender, heredity and the various environments in which we dwell in are ever molding us each and every day - sometimes, without us even noticing.

The NativeBody Reset is designed to break the mold and literally reset your body and mind to its native settings so that you can thrive - just the way nature intended. 

This is your first step on your path... where for 30 days you make a commitment, you take your health back, and you're supported as you create a better you.

We've created a blueprint that shows you exactly how to align your intentions of getting healthier with real, multi-approach action. 

Not only will you discover which foods and habits are toxic for you, but you'll also learn how certain postures and daily movements are affecting your sleep, digestion, mood and so on. 

You'll discover how certain thought patterns can propel you toward the best version of yourself and how to navigate away from mindsets that do not serve you.

Our mission at NativePath is to help you discover the exact way of eating, thinking and moving that is right for YOU. 

That is why endless support is provided through myself, our coaches and our community to help inspire you, keep you focused, and teach you so that one day you can email us your testimonial... and so that one day you will turn around and help someone else begin their path.

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