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Knee Pain Fix-Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Knee Pain Fix. Today Dr. Chad is going to discuss what this two week home program will look like and what to expect. 

This is video is part of a NativePath series to help you naturally strengthen your

body and reduce pain at home. To take the Pain quiz click 

here===>  https://bit.ly/3e3XC5f


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  • Janet

    Just starting the knee pain videos today. Really hoping it helps

  • Christina Sias

    Hoping that there will always be links that don’t require Facebook. I can’t be on Facebook for legal health reasons. Also, I have been taking your collagen for several months. I have Ehlers-Danlos, a connective tissue disorder where I make abnormal collagen. For this reason I am trying to give my body the building blocks to make my defective collagen. I only was recently diagnosed, despite my asking a cause for my numerous injuries… and I have had neck fusion, shoulder surgery, elbow surgery, wrist surgery, and knee surgery recommended… so I didn’t know which pain quiz to take! Only surgery I will consider, ever is the knee since I have a complete ACL rupture, but I have been managing it since 2016. Recently, due to aging, I guess, all my issues have gotten worse… and I am getting prolotherapy to tighten my ligaments rather than the medical industries way of dealing with it is to fuse everything when they get bad enough rather than treat the cause, my ligaments. I really appreciate the collagen. I take a scoop twice daily along with a protein supplement. I am trying to help myself because the medical industry just is broken!