French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

20 Serving Jar
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Why NativePath Collagen Creamer?

Sip your coffee—guilt-free—with this Paleo coffee creamer. Each scoop adds creamy vanilla bean flavor for a latte-like coffee, without the sugar or artificial ingredients. Our signature blend of Grass-Fed Collagen and MCT Powder not only supports healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints, but energy, focus, and metabolism, too. (Plus, the MCT Powder adds an irresistible frothiness to your coffee.)


Sip your coffee — guilt-free — with this Paleo coffee creamer…

  • 5g MCT Powder: Derived from raw coconuts, these fatty acids increase energy, curb your appetite, clear brain fog, maintain blood sugar levels, support your metabolism, and more.**
  • 2.5g Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides: Sourced from happy, healthy, pasture-raised cows, this essential protein helps support healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints.**
  • Free of Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners: Our Collagen Creamers are naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit and Stevia, so you can skip the sugar—and the blood sugar spike, too.
  • Creamy & Frothy: Just one scoop of NativePath Collagen Creamer creates dessert-tasting, latte-like coffees.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mary Baumgartner

    French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

    Customer (Havertown, PA, US)
    French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

    Loved the product. Besides the benefitf the collagen it gives your coffee an extra boost.

    patricia passanante (Mount Sinai, NY, US)
    Heavenly ‘n Healthy

    Way better in many ways than those pricey cafe coffee drinks. How?, you say? Fresher, exactly the way you want it - you’re making it yourself. Less expensive - 20 servings. As much foam as you wish. No need to give directions and hope it comes out the way you want it. Plus there’s no sugar but it’s not bitter - how? Why it’s monk fruit instead of sugar! French vanilla is my choice but there’s others flavors too for variety if you wish.

    Maryann Hughes (Waltham, MA, US)
    French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

    Good flavor. Loved it in my coffee. Works well to curb appetite. Will order again.

    Fay Yarranton (Muskegon, MI, US)
    It’s a great taste

    I love a French Vanilla but not a sweet coffee. It’s not overly sweet either. It’s just a preference of “sweet taste”. My son loved it!!