Activated Charcoal

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Why Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is a natural detox supplement that harnesses the power of coconut shells to bind unwanted materials in the body and support digestive comfort.† 

✓ Gas & bloating relief

✓ Natural detoxification

✓ Hangover relief

✓ Only one ingredient

✓ 1,000 mg of activated charcoal

✓ A traveling (or eating out) essential

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Doris Haines (Redondo Beach, CA, US)
    Activated Charcoal

    I really like this product. I can tell an improved difference is my well being since using it.

    Frank Rosenthal (Los Angeles, CA, US)
    Pleased with Native Path products

    I’ve added Activated charcoal, Berberine, Turmeric, Arctic Krill… to my current list of meds…
    It seems to be working for me, Feeling much better.

    T.G. (Chicago, IL, US)
    Feel better fast

    I love this product .. I’ve only been using this product for alittle over a month and I love it. I take it in the morning and I would recommend using this product

    Nicole Hutchinson (Sacramento, CA, US)
    Activated Charcoal

    Taking this product first thing in the am on an empty stomach for a month. Then will detox one week per month. In spite that I have not noticed any change, I’m sure it is accomplishing its purpose as nativepath products are high quality.

    Joy McCoy (Houston, TX, US)
    activated charcoal

    I love it! I take mine before I go int the infrared sauna. I have been making changes in my envoroment to remove toxins...UV lights for the air, under the sink water filtration, growing my food, and detoxing from parasites and heavy metals. The activated charocoal is helping me remove the toxins in my body.