Bone Health Collagen Peptides

30 Serving Jar
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Why Bone Health Collagen Peptides?

NativePath Bone Health Collagen contains our proprietary and clinically-proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides FORTIBONE® and VERISOL® for strong bones and healthy joints, skin, hair, and nails. Bioactive Collagen Peptides are unique in that they help you make your own collagen whereas Collagen Peptides simply restore the collagen you’ve lost.


  • 5g FORTIBONE® Per Scoop: To maintain strong, sturdy bones by stimulating osteoblasts (bone-forming cells) and reducing osteoclasts (bone-breaking cells).**
  • 2.5g VERISOL® Per Scoop: To maintain firm, supple, youthful skin by stimulating fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen).
  • Certified Grass-Fed: We source our Collagen from 100% happy, healthy, pasture-raised cows. Because you are what you eat, eats. When you consume grass-fed beef (as opposed to grain-fed beef), you’re getting the very best nutritional profile that’s free of growth hormones.
  • Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen: Did you know that there are 28 different types of Collagen? However, you’ll only find Type 1 and 3 in our jar. These two types make up over 90% of the collagen found in your body, so it’s crucial to maintain their levels so that you can feel good on the inside and out.**
  • Easy to Use: Quickly dissolves in hot or cold liquids, including water, tea, smoothies, and more.

Customer Reviews

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Jack Shaffer (Ventura, CA, US)
I’ll know in two years

I have osteoporosis and took Fosamax for 11 years. It maintained my bone density but doctor recommended stopping the medication. I am now taking strontium per doctors recommendation. The bone health specialists never heard of this collagen product. My main complaint wit this product is its cost. Similar product available in Canada for much less but shipping and dollar conversion brings the price up. I’ll know in two years if it was worth the $1300.

Margaret Reichenbach (Massillon, OH, US)

I am taking the Bone Health collagen peptides because I was looking for a product that contained Fortibone. Fortibone has proven results to increase bone density. I will probably be taking this for life. Won’t know if it works for me for about another 9 months when I have a dexa scan. If I have good gains I will update my review.

Bone Heslth

I ordered the bone health to hopefully improve my osteoporosis, and while I feel better, I haven’t had a bone density scan yet to confirm it’s working. I should have a scan within the next year.

Sara Dumas (Winnsboro, TX, US)
How Bone Health Collagen Peptides Worked For Me

I'm 74 years old and had my first fall - I hadn't been careful where I was walking. Luckily I still have never had a broken bone. Only bruises, I figured I'd recover the same as with bruises before: quick healing and with no long term effects. I was totally wrong. It's been eight months since the fall. I knew I needed some help with getting my bones stronger. I had been taking Native Path Collagen Peptides for months but added Bone Health Collagen daily since my fall. After a month and a half I knew my bones were improving and were stronger than only weeks before. Other people commented on how I walked better and was an inspiration to them in their possible healing. Using this product is now a permanent part of how I take care of my health. I'm relieved and happy that I found Native Path Bone Health Collagen Peptides. Thank you. Sara Dumas

Richard Yockel (Garner, NC, US)
Extremely Hopeful

With my wife and I both having spinal issues, I read a lot about Collagen Peptides.
We have both found an increase in our ability to do more with less pain and good recovery time. Not looking for a miracle but taking more control into our treatment.