Native Defense

30 Serving Bottle
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What Is Native Defense?

Safeguard your health with Native Defense. With 6 powerful ingredients, you can naturally strengthen your body’s defenses and promote year-round vitality with just 2 easy-to-swallow capsules per day.** 


Immunity-boosting ingredients, packed into 60 easy-to-swallow capsules.

  • Cold-Combatting Ingredients: From vitamin C and D3 to zinc and quercetin to elderberry and Siberian ginseng, Native Defense acts as a shield to your body’s immune system.
  • 250% Daily Value Vitamin D: An essential vitamin that influences your bones, intestines, pancreas, muscles, brain, calcium homeostasis, and the control of cell cycles.**
  • 170% Daily Value Vitamin C: A necessary vitamin to maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
Joni Honn (Missouri City, TX, US)

Has everything I need in it.

Lesa Mclaughlin (Stillman Valley, IL, US)
Native Defense

Love this product. The ginseng in it gives me that extra boost on those long days. Clarity of mind. No brain fog. Thank you for such Great products!

Ruth Waldrup (Fayetteville, NC, US)
Native Defense

I've been taking Native Defense for almost a month now. Usually this time of year with all the pollen I end up with a sinus infection. Since taking Native Defense I can take my morning walks and work in my yard without any sinus problems. Thank you for such a great product.

Joyce Johnson (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Native defense

Want to reorder asap

Zulma Chardon (Miami, FL, US)
Great Product

I had finished taking it and it has made a difference. I want to order another bottle of Native Defense to boost my inmune system more!!