Native Greens

30 Serving Jar
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Why Native Greens?

21 whole-food ingredients in one convenient and delicious daily serving. Just one scoop of Native Greens in 8 ounces of water supports your body's nutritional needs for optimal hormonal balance, healthy digestion, and energy production throughout the day.


  • 21 Organic Superfoods: Each ingredient in Native Greens was added with a purpose—to support your hormonal balance, healthy digestion, and energy production throughout the day, every day.**
  • 100% Organic: All 21 fruits, vegetables, and superfoods in Native Greens are certified organic.
  • Nightshade-Free: We left out the nightshades so that you can easily digest this greens powder and the bypass gas, bloating, and other negative side effects that nightshades tend to have.

Customer Reviews

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Connie Hummel (Gig Harbor, WA, US)
NativePath Native Greens

I use the Native Greens powder once each day to ensure that I get, at least, a minimum amount of vegetables every day. I do eat vegetables almost daily, but sometimes I skimp out on greens when eating pizza. I do wish that it contained more added fiber.

Linda Draxlir (Seattle, WA, US)

It is too soon to know for sure , but my disabled husband who has been totally confined to the house has shown a marked improvement in mental and physical health in the past few weeks. The only change in his daily routine has been adding native greens. We're almost afraid to hope that something this simple can really be making such a huge difference. I will add an Update in a few more weeks. For now we will both keep using this super food every day!

Marianne Pattillo (Wichita Falls, TX, US)
Energy booster

The drink is very easy to get down, although I’m not fond of the color. I drink it twice a day regularly and love the vitamins I am getting.

Kenneth Rosenblatt (Mount Holly, NJ, US)
Super greens.

Been using these greens for six months feel great. Taste great.

Linda Noyce (Oscoda, MI, US)
Great nutrition!

Being a senior I don’t always eat right and this gives me the nutrition I need. I mix it with 8 ounces of V-8 every day!❤️