Native Greens

30 Serving Jar
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Why Native Greens?

21 whole-food ingredients in one convenient and delicious daily serving. Just one scoop of Native Greens in 8 ounces of water supports your body's nutritional needs for optimal hormonal balance, healthy digestion, and energy production throughout the day.


  • 21 Organic Superfoods: Each ingredient in Native Greens was added with a purpose—to support your hormonal balance, healthy digestion, and energy production throughout the day, every day.**
  • 100% Organic: All 21 fruits, vegetables, and superfoods in Native Greens are certified organic.
  • Nightshade-Free: We left out the nightshades so that you can easily digest this greens powder and the bypass gas, bloating, and other negative side effects that nightshades tend to have.

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Renee Streno (Parker, CO, US)
Better than expected

With it being lightly sweetened it definitely helps to drink it. It seems to suppress my appetite throughout the day. I find that I’m not craving the naughty sweet treats. I would buy again for sure. I just wish that it weren’t so expensive.

Barbara Morris (Surprise, AZ, US)
Love it!

My akin is looking fantastic!

James Frayser (Tulsa, OK, US)

Native Greens

Raymond Broestler (Crossville, TN, US)
Healthy way

I use the greens as a meal filler. When I can’t sit for a full meal it gives a nutritious balance .

za ro (Pueblo, CO, US)
Great Product

I have tried other brands of Greens but this one has given me the best and clearest results. This gets rid of my morning bloat and makes me feel so energized after taking my greens for the day. I put my greens in a smoothie with a banana, ice and milk of choice and its sooo good!