Native Mind

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Why Native Mind?

Native Mind is a cognitive blend of Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Rose Hips, Rhodiola, and Peppermint that can be enjoyed daily for heightened memory, focus, and mental clarity.

  • Promotes Brain Health: Lion’s mane mushrooms have been scientifically-proven to improve memory, focus, and mental clarity.

  • Supports Neuroplasticity: Your brain is remarkably malleable. By supplementing with lion’s mane, you can help it create new neural connections, reshape existing ones, and adapt in response to learning, experiences, and injuries.

  • Naturally Sweetened With Stevia: Lion's Mane on its own may carry an earthy, mushroom-like taste, but when complemented with a natural, zero-glycemic sweetener like stevia, it transforms into a more enjoyable and palatable experience.

  • Certified Organic: Each of the five superfoods found in Native Mind is USDA Certified Organic, guaranteeing the highest level of purity and quality.

  • Caffeine-Free: We left out the caffeine so that you can savor your tea—and its health benefits—at any hour of the day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Eugenio Carey (Austin, TX, US)
The Sweet flavor is overpowering....for me.

This is expensive and probably very good stuff, but the Stevia knocks it out for me....just can't handle that overpowering sweet taste on my tongue (but, probably not too sweet for most people that like sweets). Maybe one day they'll make a bullion flavored version or something like that.

Mary Edwards (Atlanta, GA, US)
Mind is Getting Better

Native Mind is so good in your coffee as long as you tap the scooper & do not let it go in as a lump. It is harder to dissolve this way.

Douglas Taylor (Williamsburg, KY, US)
Native mind

I can think and reason a little clearer since I have been taking Native Mind thanks

Yvett Sloan (Casselberry, FL, US)
Clarity & Calmness

AFFILIATION DISCLOSURE: I'm an employee of NativePath.

Native Mind is my go to afternoon pick me up. I add a scoop of Mind & a scoop of Collagen to add clarity and calmness to my work day. This combination benefits my brain and bones!

I highly recommend Native Mind!

Kate (Austin, TX, US)
Sharper thinking and all-day energy!

Affiliation Disclosure: I am a proud member of the NativePath team!

I get brain fog often. I added Native Mind into my routine, and I immediately noticed that I was sharper and more focused. Especially during long meetings.

I add it right into my coffee (and I can't taste it at all!). I take another scoop in my afternoon protein shake, and it keeps my energy high and my brain clear all day long.

No more midday crash!