Original Grain-Free Granola

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Why Original Grain-Free Granola?

Snacking, with a healthy twist. As the very first snack to hit NativePath shelves, this Grain-Free Granola is lovingly crafted with nuts, superfood seeds, and hints of cinnamon, sea salt, and vanilla bean—for a salty-sweet irresistible blend.


  • Paleo-Approved: We made it our mission to keep gluten, grains, and toxic seed oils out of this delicious snack. What you’re getting is a paleo-friendly snack—made with 100% real ingredients.
  • Grain-Free: We left out the traditional granola ingredients like oats, millet, and quinoa so that you can keep your gut happy and healthy.
  • Made With Collagen: We’re passionate about the healing properties of collagen. That’s why you’ll find it in each delicious cluster.

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Melinda Sorgi (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Love the clusters

I love the larger clusters as a snack and enjoy the smaller pieces in my yogurt. The hard part is not eating too much.

Denise (Morrisville, NC, US)
Hard to eat just one cluster

I find the grain-free granola clusters too sweet to be an everyday cereal, but they are super good as a snack! If you are trying to eat healthily and rely on fruit for sweetness or like unsweetened iced tea in the summer, you will find a number of the flavored Native Path products too sweet. But somehow this one, despite its sweetness makes a go-to snack that is so, so good.

Marjorie Ferrell (Lindale, TX, US)
Over all good tasting product

Personally, I enjoy the nutty coconut flavor and prefer it as a cereal. It's a little too sweet for me but the milk mildly dilutes the sweetness and it's "just right".

Mary E. Shoemaker (Buffalo, NY, US)

It has a very good taste and was difficult to stop eating. There was one problem, the bag wasn't big enough.

Mary Earhart (Dallas, TX, US)
very expensive per serving

I get at most 3 servings per bag, It is delicious, but very expensive per serving.