Probiotic - 10 Strain Custom Blend

30 Serving Bottle
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Why NativePath Probiotics?

Better digestion in just one capsule a day. With 10 unique Super-Strains and 82 billion Colony-Forming Units (CFUs) to support healthy digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption while easing gas and bloating.


Get the gut-promoting nutrients you need in just one easy-to-swallow capsule per day.

  • 10 Unique Super-Strains: Helps support healthy digestion, clear skin, safe weight loss, and more.**
  • 2.75 Billion CFUs Per Capsule: The good-for-you bacteria that you get with each capsule, providing you with even greater gut support.**
  • Freeze-Dried: So you don’t have to refrigerate your probiotics.

Customer Reviews

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B. Jones (Trussville, AL, US)

I am enjoying the Probiotic. My stomach is getting flatter, which before taking this supplement I had a nice size bulge. I have a monthly subscription which I will continue to obtain. Great Product. B Jones

R.L. (Murrieta, CA, US)
Probiotic Review

So far so good, but very pricey. There are so many Probiotics on the market with much lower prices. I'm sure your Probiotic has very good quality and possibly better than the others. The delivery takes a long time. I think Amazon has spoiled all of us on there next day delivery service which is hard to beat. Overall, your products are very good and you are always very informative about your products and that in itself is worth paying more.
Keep up the good job and good information. Much appreciated. :)

Pamela Burns (Atlanta, GA, US)

Probiotic - 10 Strain Custom Blend

Vicky Allen (Columbus, OH, US)

Probiotic - 10 Strain Custom Blend

Debra Vaughn (Saco, ME, US)

I haven’t taken it very long, but it seems to be working. I’ll get back to you!