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High Heart Rate or Blood Pressure? Do This Breathing Exercise

Just the other day, I had a good friend of mine call me…


He was panicked, wondering if he should go to the hospital.


His blood pressure was a whopping 190/10 and his heart rate was around 120 (1). Not knowing what he should do, I had him try a breathing technique (the one I’m going to show you below).

Within minutes, we were able to get his heart down to 83 and his blood pressure down to 140/83. And later on that day, his heart rate leveled out at 72, while his blood pressure decreased to 120/82.


There’s an astounding connection between your breath and your blood pressure and heart rate. The good thing to know is that you have the power to control your breath and in turn, control your blood pressure and heart rate.

This Video Is For You If…

  • You find yourself breathing with your chest
  • You struggle with high blood pressure
  • You have a high heart rate, even at rest
  • You feel overcome with panic or anxiety


To begin this breathwork exercise, go ahead and find a comfortable place to lie down. To get right to the breathing portion of the video, feel free to fast-forward to the 1:00 mark.

If you’d like to learn additional breathwork techniques, join our free 21-day breathing course here.

As a doctor of Physical Therapy, Senior Wellness Expert, and co-founder of NativePath, Dr. Walding has helped millions of people improve their quality of life from the inside out—by speaking, writing, and educating others on how to live life a little more #OnThePath.

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