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Day 7: Eliminate Stress with These 5 Simple Practices (so you can get better sleep!)

Welcome to Day 7—the LAST day of the 7-Day Sleep Course!


This is a BIG deal, so take a moment to congratulate yourself for taking the time out of your busy schedule to focus on a very important, transformational health practice: Sleep.


I hope you learned something new, put it into practice, and are feeling all of the benefits of good sleep: More energy, better mood and digestion, less joint pain, decreased risk of chronic disease, and more.


Sleep is one of the most important things you can do each day. So thank you for joining this journey with me.


Yesterday, on Day 6, I revealed the 3 drinks that destroy your sleep quality. There’s a 100% chance that you drink at least one of them—so be sure to go back and watch this video if you haven’t already.


Today, I’m going to share ONE more thing that you can do to improve your sleep.


Hint: It has nothing to do with your bedtime ritual, but everything to do with the ritual outside of it…


Press play on the video below to learn what it is…

Managing stress…


This is an unhealthy, unwanted issue that many of us struggle with.


With worry, fear, and stress rising day over day, many of us have to rely on medication just to stay afloat.


These feelings can often be attributed to the media…


Telling us about all of these extra things we need to worry about (and it doesn’t help that it’s also the first and last thing we listen to each day, thus programming our brains into a fearful state as we sleep).


So, how can you combat this day-to-day stress?


Well, there are two states that your nervous system is in at all times: A sympathetic state or a parasympathetic state.


And unfortunately, many of us are walking around in a very sympathetic state (i.e. the survival state where your body is wanting to fight or flee a situation).


And then there’s the parasympathetic state: The rest or digest state. This is the state where we absorb food really well and fall asleep easily (i.e. the normal state that humans are SUPPOSED to be in).


So, how can you program your body to STAY in that parasympathetic state?

5 Ways to Put Your Mind and Body in a Calm State

One thing we’ve constantly talked about over these past 7 days is this: Do what your genes expect of you.


But as you know, our modern-day culture has made this a challenge…


Thanks to technology, the news, and your never-ending Facebook feed, your mind doesn’t have a chance to shut off. Which makes a stress-free life VERY hard to come by.


Luckily, there are five simple ways to put your stress to rest…

1. Do a Brain Dump

Remember the brain dump exercise that I mentioned during the Sleep Course Overview?


This simple exercise helps get all of the lingering thoughts out of your head and onto paper so that your mind can de-clutter and relax.


From worries to prayers to to-do lists, get it ALL out on paper.

2. Practice Breathwork

Take some time each morning for YOU.


Whether you’re meditating, praying, or sitting still in silence, this helps to put your body in a calm, relaxed state.


Know this: You can put yourself into a calm state no matter what’s happening externally.


One of the best ways to do this is through breathwork (the video below shows one of my favorite, most effective breathing techniques)…

When it comes to breathwork, the intention behind it isn’t just to breathe, but to become aware of when thoughts come into your mind…


So, when a thought like, “What am I going to eat for dinner tonight?” arises, acknowledge it and then bring yourself back to breathing. Each time this happens, you’re recentering yourself back into a calm state.


By practicing this over and over again, you’re creating awareness. Or what I like to call: The currency of today’s generation.

3. Exercise

Developing a consistent movement practice radically helps relieve stress.


Whether it’s yoga or our free 30-day fitness routine, you’re giving your mind a break from worry, news, and to-do lists.

4. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature—unplugged—is so important.


By looking around, smelling, listening, and observing while out in nature, you’re bringing your body back to a present state.

5. Journal

Anything you’re worried about, you can put in your journal.


Replace worrisome thoughts with thoughts of appreciation and gratitude by listing out the things that you’re grateful for and sharing those with someone.


Another idea you can do to get yourself out of your mind and into the present moment is coloring in an adult coloring book. Buy one on Amazon for under $15.00 and experience the childlike calm that it brings.

What’s Next?

Congrats! You just completed The NativePath Sleep Course: The Sleepless Person’s Guide to Getting Better Sleep (in just 7 days)!


It was such a joy and honor to be a part of your sleep journey.


You may be wondering, “What’s next for me and my health journey?”


Well, that’s a great question. I’m glad you asked!


There’s another transformational course that may be right up your alley…


Especially since you’ve already built up such incredible momentum with this course…


It goes over how to turn your modern-day lifestyle into a native lifestyle—with the right foods, supplements, and movements.


Over the course of 30 days, you’ll get daily wellness tips from me—Dr. Chad—sent straight to your inbox…


Free meal plan? Check.

Free shopping guide? Check.

Workout course? Check.


If you’re thinking to yourself, “Yes, please. Sign me up!”, head here to get started.


To better sleep,

Dr. Chad


P.S. In the Comments Section below, tell me: What is ONE thing that you learned during this course that you’ll continue to implement to get better sleep?

As a doctor of Physical Therapy, Senior Wellness Expert, and co-founder of NativePath, Dr. Walding has helped millions of people improve their quality of life from the inside out—by speaking, writing, and educating others on how to live life a little more #OnThePath.

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