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Core Challenge

Within 3 minutes you’re going to be tested!  This routine combines 2 core strengthening movements in a major way.  Be sure do these movements the correct way by watching the videos, listening to the cues, and reviewing the key points below.  Quality with your movement is just as important as quality with your food! Set a goal to do this one without coming down on the plank!  

3 rounds of:
•30-sec plank
•30-sec dead bugs

Key Points

Plank: Lift up the hips and get your body straight and in a slightly hollow position.  Lock your legs straight by pulling your knee caps towards your hips (up). Squeeze your glutes and brace your core to create stability.  You don’t want to be sagging your hips. Pull your elbows towards your hips to engage the full anterior aspect of your body. Be sure to breathe calmly when holding the position.  

Dead bugs:  Starting with knees and arms up… focus on flattening your low back to set the core in a slightly hollow position.  While moving one leg forward and the opposite arm back… maintain a flat low back that’s connected to the floor. This will train your body to stay stable in your low back and core while you move.  Super important! This is more challenging than “legs only” Deadbug!


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