Native Greens

30 Serving Jar
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Why Native Greens?

21 whole-food ingredients in one convenient and delicious daily serving. Just one scoop of Native Greens in 8 ounces of water supports your body's nutritional needs for optimal hormonal balance, healthy digestion, and energy production throughout the day.


  • 21 Organic Superfoods: Each ingredient in Native Greens was added with a purpose—to support your hormonal balance, healthy digestion, and energy production throughout the day, every day.**
  • 100% Organic: All 21 fruits, vegetables, and superfoods in Native Greens are certified organic.
  • Nightshade-Free: We left out the nightshades so that you can easily digest this greens powder and the bypass gas, bloating, and other negative side effects that nightshades tend to have.

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Phoenix, AZ, US)
So Happy!

This product has made a tremendous difference in my energy level and my overall health has improved significantly. Love this product!

Connie Pelaez (Miami, FL, US)

The product has a good taste and I feel great in my digestion energy and the stevia is perfect cause I don’t like the flavor and I can’t taste it in your formula

Mary Koenig (Lancaster, PA, US)
👍 Native Greens 🫶

For me Native Greens are a godsend. I used to get terrible terrible night
sweats and hot flashes. After taking Native Greens all of a sudden I didn’t
get them at all. Thank heavens.

Amy Gibson (Eau Claire, WI, US)
Get your Greens

Taste isn't great, but what greens are?!? :)

Rev. Dr. Sandra S. Jenkins, MDiv, CPC (Sevierville, TN, US)

As with all NativePath products, they are excellent. This past year, I have maintained an 80 lb. weight loss (lost before using products), and that is not easy as one gets older. My energy levels are much better, too. This company CARES...did I mention it CARES? Yes! You will be satisfied with all their products to assist you in health management. Vitamins, supplements, and so on are also powerfully packed with nutrients. Check the website for more info. I trust you will not be sorry!! DRJ