Collagen Care+

30 Serving Bottle
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What Is Collagen Care+?

While Collagen certainly offers plenty of benefits on its own, Collagen Care+ is what protects it once it's inside your body. This is especially important for individuals over 60 years of age, whose natural collagen levels have declined by a whopping 50% since their early 20s. By taking these Collagen-supporting capsules, you’re giving your body what it needs to age gracefully on the inside and out.


Collagen Care+ is formulated with 5 essential vitamins and minerals—plus Hyaluronic Acid and Boron—to boost the results of your collagen supplementation. It does this in 3 important ways:

  • By supporting the body's natural collagen-making ability, allowing you to reactivate your natural collagen production and replenish your collagen deficit, faster.
  • By preserving higher collagen levels as you age. Don’t just boost your collagen, retain it.
  • By preventing collagen drain from environmental stressors that deplete it (think: smoking, pollution, and UV rays).

Customer Reviews

Based on 247 reviews
Cheryl Grantham (West Palm Beach, FL, US)
Great product!

This seems to be working exactly as advertised. My nails and hair are growing and while I am still experiencing a lot of hair loss it’s about half as much as before starting the product 45 days ago.

Mary Phillips (Grafton, WV, US)
Watching Progress

As of now, I have no complaints. I am waiting a while longer to see how much improvement occurs.

Charlinda Korte (Portland, OR, US)
Joints and Eyelashes

I have noticed since taking Collagen Care, a lot less pain in my shoulders, both blown years ago. A plus, my eyelashes are growing. Would recommend you at the very least give it try.

Phyllis Williams (Chesapeake, VA, US)
Very Happy with Collagen Care

I have noticed that my nails have gotten stronger since I have been using the product. They usually peel on me and so far the product has done what has been promised for nails. I'm waiting to see about my hair growth and strength as I think it can take a while to see results in this area. I have just ordered the Mother's Day Special along with the Collagen Care tablets and the Krill oil specials. I am going to try to get my husband to use this as well since we both have joint issues and I am dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis I hope it will help out both of us. As long as I can do this I most certainly will.

doran green (Locust Hill, VA, US)

I like it in my coffee,