Probiotic - 10 Strain Custom Blend

30 Serving Bottle
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Why NativePath Probiotics?

Better digestion in just one capsule a day. With 10 unique Super-Strains and 82 billion Colony-Forming Units (CFUs) to support healthy digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption while easing gas and bloating.


Get the gut-promoting nutrients you need in just one easy-to-swallow capsule per day.

  • 10 Unique Super-Strains: Helps support healthy digestion, clear skin, safe weight loss, and more.**
  • 2.75 Billion CFUs Per Capsule: The good-for-you bacteria that you get with each capsule, providing you with even greater gut support.**
  • Freeze-Dried: So you don’t have to refrigerate your probiotics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Susan Oldham (Millville, UT, US)

I really liked it but it’s way to expensive!

Charles Kluepfel (Rockville, MD, US)
4 stars & I reordered

I like the product and reordered. I don't know if I'd give it 5 stars yet, but its working better than what I've tried from your competitors.

ILC (Anaheim, CA, US)
I love it!

It's been the only probiotic supplement that does not cause stress in my digestive system.

Eileen Denstad (La Crescent, MN, US)
Probiotic- 10 Strain

I take one a day and everything seems to be on track. I need to finish a bottle, though, before I can say anything else about the product.

Eva Wert (Princeton, WV, US)
Like it

My husband and I are both on has helped with constipation and stomach issues...